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Victoria, Australia

This version of the studio and equipment closed in Jan 2021.

Welcome to my website dedicated to the "The Studio" that was.

The original studio was constructed in 2008 (as Pony Music) and had  a major upgrade in 2019/20 after the business was sold and we had new ideas (The Auditronics console had a complete overhaul, new gear was added  and we reopened just in time for  Covid19 to hit)

As of January  2021  this version of the studio  closed and most of the toys were removed.    (The new partnership  failed)

(The new owners have reopened with  different staff and equipment, I believe the room remains largely the same )



We (Damien and David) are  available for tracking, editing and mixing in other locations.    We still have all the toys,  more news is on the way. We are looking for  suitable spaces to crate a new place, many discussions have been had, many places looked at. We are open to offers if you have something we should talk about. 



The  information below is historic, just so  you can see what we were…  I’ll miss this place.


The complex was a modern hybrid studio, that blended some of the best vintage, modern, analogue and digital  equipment to  give your recordings  that something special. We got results that are really hard to archive  in  smaller rooms or  home studios.

This studio was designed to  streamline the recording process, making it as easy and as fluid  as possible to  record your ideas.

You concentrate on the performance while we deal with the technical, and together we make  great music.

Our  large live room (some say it’s massive) is 10m long x 8m wide x 5.5m high, allowing  bands to track  in the same space at the same time. We have a great collection of baffles allowing you to section off the room  and create isolated spaces and separation as needed. You can open the room up, pack away the baffles  and track drums to get that huge 70s sound. Add the baffles to get a modern tight  track or anything in between. The rooms are really versatile  and your sound shaping options are virtually limitless.

There  were  4 spaces/rooms  you can record in  with isolation, you are not limited to just the  large room. 



We would still love to speak to you regarding your recordings.  Contact us  so we can discuss your needs.  


Everyone wants to know how much recording will cost. No one wants to  answer the question, “What is your budget?”.   We need to  work together   to get this started.




“Live engineer, mix engineer, recording engineer, monitor engineer, sound designer, sound analyst, synth programmer, acoustician, studio manager, tour manager, production manager, bass player - is there anything that Damien Young can’t do? He does all this for me and more, and has been doing it fantastically well for the past 15 years. I really couldn’t do my job as well as I do without him. May 2020”
Leo Sayer
Leo Sayer May 2020
The Gear
Over the years our team have acquired a fantastic selection of equipment .

Below is a list of some of the toys we had in this great complex.
The Brains

Technology changes all the time and we try to stay current ish.
Our current system is a Apple Mac "Trash Can" running;
Pro Tools Ultimate 2020.x HDX
Universal Audio UAD Octo card
2 x Avid HD 16 I/O
1 Avid/Digidesign 192 I/O

The Control

The front end is all analogue based around our fully refurbished (ex TCS) Auditronics 501 (Son of 36 Grand) console
24 in / 16 out

Avid/Digidesign C|24 24 fader control surface

RND 5059 16 x 2 x 2 Summing Mixer


Cranesong Avocet - Monitor Controller
Neumann KH310A Active Main Monitors
Neumann KH750 Sub
Aurotone 5C Secondary Monitors

Headphone System
Formula Sound QUE-8 (6 x consoles)
All analogue 8 channel headphone mixing system with custom Cue/Talkback
Audio Technica ATM m50X, AKG & Beyer headphones

Mic Preamplifiers

Non Valve
24 x Auditronics 501 with EQ on every input
2 x Midas 502/512 Heritage 3000 style mic pres with EQ
AEA TRP - 2 Channel Ribbon Pre
Neve 33415 - 2 Channel Mic Pre
Vintech X81 & Vintech 473 (4 channels)
Amek 9088 - 2 Channels
Universal Audio Solo 110 x 2
Great River ME-1NV

Valve Mic Pres
2 x TAB V76
2 x TAB V72
Byer 66
Universal Audio 2610
Universal Audio LA610
Summit Audio TPA-200B (very early model)


24 Auditronics 501 - inductor style eq
Chandler Curve Bender TG 12345
2 x Empirical Labe Little FrEQ

Effects & Plugins

Lexicon PCM 70
Yamaha SPX90, SPX 90II, REV 5
Roland REV 2000

Software / Plugins
Sound Toys bundle
Various Waves
Avid Complete bundle
Many UAD plugins (UAD Octo card)
Lexicon PCM Native Bundle
Plugin Alliance SSL E/G/J, Focusrite Channel Strips


Large Diaphragm Condensors
Neumann - U47 Long Body
Neumann - U47 Short Body
Neumann - Fet 47
Neumann - U77
Neumann - U87
Mojave Audio -MA200 x 2
AKG - C214

Small Diaphragm Condensors
Neumann - KM54 x 2
Neumann - KM 56 x 2
Neumann - U64
Neumann - KM184 x 2
Mojave Audio - MA100 Tube/Valve
AKG 451B x 2
Calrec CM 105

Ribbon Microphones
Nude Blumlein Stereo Ribbon

AKG D112VR x 2
Heil PR40
Beyer M201 x 2
Sennheiser - 441 x 2
Sennheiser - 421 x 4
Sennheiser - e604 x 4
Shure - SM7B
Shure - SM57 x 2
Shure - Beta 57
Shure - SM58 x 2
Audix - I5
Audix - D4
Audix - D6

Plate/Boundary Microphones
Shure - SM91 A
Shure - Beta 91
Crown 30FS


Neve 33609
Tube Tech CL1B
Empirical Labs Distressor
2 x Urei 1176 (Black)
2 x dbx 160X
2 x Nova C1
Mozztronics OC-3 - 2 Channel Optical Prototype
RND Master Buss Processor


Mozztronics - DI
Mozztronics - Reamp
Mozztronics - BP-1
Mozztronics - VP-1
Countryman, Nova Sound and other DI's


Tama Star Classic 6 Piece
DDrum Babinga 6 Piece
Various Snare Drums

Tambourines, shakers, cowbells, etc.

Fender - '79 Strat
Fender Squier Tele
Fret King Black Label (Geoff Whitehorn)
Music Mann OLP - with Floyd Rose

Bass Guitars
Fender Custom shop '64 L Precision
Music Mann USA Sub 4 (with J & MM pickups)

Instrument Amplifiers
Kustom Coupe 2 x 12”
Lab Systems VP400 - Head
Fender Bassman 10 4 x 10”
Mozztronics VP1 & BP1 - Valve Preamps

Speaker boxes
Mark Bass 2 x 12”
Celestion 1 x 12
Peavey Blackwidow 1 x 15

Hammond L100
Roland Masterkeyboard - JV 1010, Fairlight, UVI and other keyboard libraries

* Not all items are available all of the time. Gear needs to be serviced and we do change over things from time to time. If your project really depends on a particular item listed here please let us know so we can do our best to have it available.

Pony Music is a world class studio and somewhat of a hidden gem. I could go on about the great equipment and acoustics, but for me the best thing is the space, the vibe and the comfort of the studio. The complex has easy load in, tonnes of parking, comfortable furniture and great mood lighting which makes the sessions go so much better. Break a string/stick/skin during your session? You can just pop upstairs to the music store. Unreal!
Sean Blanchard
Dead City Ruins. AFM records
We love working with Damien in the Studio. He always gives our project a genuine personal  interest. He approaches our music like it’s his very own and his gift for production is extrordinary. There’s a lot of love in the room when you work with Damien. He has access to world class recording facilities and he never fails to make us sound like a REAL band. We’re hanging out to record with Damien again as soon as we can."
Allan McRae, Al’s Garage 2020.

“Professional, easy to work with and will get your mix the way you need it.

Troy Mccosker's mix helped land us some great reviews from blabbermouth and Metal hammer. He has an ear for any project you need help with and will take the time to make sure you are happy. Our record sounds Massive and it has that modern and old school touch which not everyone can get right.“

Rafael Gonzales.
Cordyceps, unique leader records.
I’ve been involved in Pony music for 15 years, I’ve had my hand in every stage of creating what I believe to be the best music making facilities in the country. There’s no other studio that offers the complete package. It’s ease of use, acoustics, gear, flexibility and seemingly endless options to create the sounds my clients want. It’s my second home and there’s nowhere else I’d rather make a record. ".​
Troy McKosker
Audio Ninga - Audio Engineer

Some of our happy clients.

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I have had the privilege of working with Damien over the last 20 years both as Front of house engineer with Leo Sayer and as recording engineer. We have recorded several albums and other projects for clients. He is astute, highly skilled and professional in all undertakings and I continue to work with him to this day. I can recommend his creativity and abilities across any format that suits artist or producer and his input is invaluable".

Mark has played with the likes of Duran Duran, Ayers Rock, Leo Sayer, Marcia Hines, Billy Thorpe, Renee Geyer, Doug Parkinson and many, many more.
Mark Kennedy
Mark Kennedy - Drumming Legend 2020
“Vintage Neumann's and a high ceilling is what my drum recordings were missing. I found these when I recorded at Pony Music. The first time I recorded there I was sold. The gear, the rooms, the vibe, it's all the next level. Great mics, great pres, great people and the rooms just make recording so easy.
Simon Bray - Audio Engineer
I've been working professionally with Troy for over 10 years in a multitude of creative environments. He's my #1 go-to engineer on any and all projects I've undertaken, from drum clinics, to studio recordings and live sound engineering. His ability to convey your emotive expression and turn it into a record is unparalleled. A quality asset to have in making records.
Daniel Presland
Ne Obliviscaris, vipassi, (seasons of mist records), session drummer